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I believe that many people buy watches or straps for the first time with unfamiliar merchants. They like to search for knowledge about crocodile skin and calfskin straps to find out how to distinguish them. There are replica watches not a few experts and technical stickers on these topics on the Internet. As a younger generation, I am no longer axe. Talk about the background material of this set of pictures.

The crocodile skin specimen is the best crocodile replica watches skin material available, and it is also the most advanced process used. Not only that, but for the right and left straps, it is also the most beautiful choice for the pattern to shoot.

Some watch friends have to say, why is it that the difference is not very big? But in the pictures of other posts, the difference is still very big, and my picture is simply that the crocodile leather replica watches strap seems to be more shiny, but there is almost no difference. This is very simple, the contrast I used. References are the best versions of the same materials.

More net posts may be considered for their own rolex replica purposes. Instead of choosing a relatively fair comparison method, they should choose a good crocodile skin to compare a poor calfskin. Of course, this can quickly see the difference. But I personally think it is a false proposition that is meaningless.

The crocodile leather strap is a luxury item in the watch belt. More attention to the appearance of the elegant, and calfskin strap as a substitute for the crocodile leather strap, in order to make more straps, the supplier of calfskin straps will try to make the calfskin look more like crocodile skin The strap, at least in the case of new products, is more like. This is why the gap between crocodile skin and calfskin looks very small.

But where is the gap?

In short, the gap is only produced after long-term wear. The crocodile leather strap has stronger toughness. At the same time, if it is a high-quality crocodile leather strap, it will not appear very old for a long period of time. And because of its cortical characteristicsreplica watches , it will become brighter and brighter for a while. However, the calfskin strap, even the best, will look old if you wear it for a while.

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