Cohoes Residence

Cohoes Residence serves 14 adults and is located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Each resident has his or her own bedroom and shares a large living room, dining room, and family room with other residents.

Staff is available to help with day-to-day issues and to teach a wide variety of living skills. Cohoes Residence offers recreational activities at the house and in the community, encouraging residents to lead full, active lives. Many activities involving residents’ families are scheduled throughout the year.

“I think I have a very busy, full life. I have many hobbies – needlepoint, Ukranian embroidery, latchhook, watercolor and acrylic painting. I enjoy cooking, baking and cleaning, and I love to run errands like grocery shopping. I attend church weekly and read the bible. I also love to read all types of books. I stay busy.

I didn’t feel very supported or understood until I was diagnosed. I have schizoaffective disorder. My doctor talked to my family to help them understand how the illness affected me. I have been living at the Cohoes Residence for three years and the staff has really helped me out.” -Anna P., Cohoes Residence



Residential Intake Coordinator
518.435.9931 x 5470


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