Project Break Free Transitional Housing

Due to COVID-19 Precautions & Mandates:

Project Break Free Rapid Rehousing Program is still accepting referrals for anyone who is homeless due to domestic violence and needs help with securing safe permanent housing, even if they do not need emergency shelter at this time.


If you or someone you know is seeking services and have concerns related to COVID-19, we will certainly guide you under the direction of NYS Department of Health, and coordinate services accordingly.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and are quarantined, please call our DV Hotline at 518.432.7865—we are able to provide you services that will safeguard you and others, including alternative emergency housing options.



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Designed for victims who are ready to make the transition out of a domestic violence shelter, Project Break Free provides case management and counseling, as well as housing and transportation subsidies. Our ongoing assistance helps former victims sustain independent and violence-free living.

“Equinox has given us a gift that will affect the rest of my life and my children’s lives; they have given us hope that we can be safe and happy.”    -Equinox DV Client



526 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12206
518.434.6135 Press Option 2
In case of bad weather, contact our Client Weather Line at 518.435.9931, x5454

24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline 518.432.7865

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