Counseling and Support Groups

Equinox counselors address needs identified by the victim and provide options for safety, an understanding of the nature of domestic violence, and problem-solving strategies. Individual counseling appointments are available for victims and their children.

Support groups provide peer support and an opportunity to discuss experiences about family violence in a group setting. We offer specialized groups for adults and children.

Purple Group 
Monday: 5 PM-6 PM Facilitated by Melissa Kovelman: 518.434.6135 x5318 

Thursday: 11 AM-12 PM Facilitated by Andraleigh Apple: 518.434.6135 x5316

102 Hackett Blvd. Albany, NY 12209 

Equinox distributes used cell phones to victims of domestic violence, which can be used to dial 911 even without regular cell phone plans or service.  To donate or for more information, please contact Development & Community Relations at 518.434.6135.

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