Holt House

Holt House is located in a historic brownstone in Albany. The specialized program here serves 11 adults with both mental illness and developmental disabilities.

A structured daily schedule and intensive staffing give residents the support necessary to live more independently. Treatment planning reflects the complex issues involved with this dual diagnosis.

Skills are taught through experiential opportunities and modeling. Staff encourages residents to take ownership and pride in Holt House by having them plan special activities and assist in evaluating house rules. Many wonderful improvements to Holt House came about through resident suggestions.

“I had a tough time growing up. I couldn’t read and had learning disabilities but with hard work, I graduated high school. In my 20s I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. To help me through all that, I had my family, and I have my church. It was hard in the beginning but the staff is there to help. I enjoy many of the other residents – they help each other out.”  -Nancy O., Holt House



Residential Intake Coordinator
518.435.9931 x 5470


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