Who We Serve

In 2015 Equinox provided...

Chemical Dependency Services

Chemical Dependency Counseling services to 270 adolescents and adults - many whose lives have been devastated by opiate or heroin addiction.

Domestic Violence Services

Services to 2,019 individuals who were affected by domestic violence.
Shelter and support to 150 adults and 88 children in our Domestic Violence Shelter.
Services to 2,245 callers to our Domestic Violence Hotline.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services were provided to 2,388 individuals and family members who live with mental illness through Equinox's Outpatient Clinic, PROS (Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services), Residential Programs and Family Resources Program.

Youth Services

1,229 low-income youth (including homeless and runaway teens and young adults) received support and services through Equinox's Youth Outreach Center, mentoring programs and transitional living programs.

Program Volunteers

More than 220 people volunteered their time and talents to support our programs and those we serve.


The annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner provided 10,000 meals to lonely, homebound or homeless individuals in our community – thanks to the involvement of more than 3,600 volunteers!

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