Annual Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner

 Thanksgiving Dinner Hotline: 518.434.0131
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A Big Thanks To The Entire Community For helping Serve Over 10,000 Thanksgiving Meals Last Year!


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The Capital Region’s largest and longest-running holiday tradition

Nearly 50 years ago, a small group of community and religious leaders, students, and social workers held a Thanksgiving dinner for 200 college students who were not going home for the holiday and would have been alone. This marked the beginning of the Capital District's largest and longest-running holiday tradition. Today, the Annual Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner serves 10,000 of our lonely, homebound, or homeless neighbors.

Volunteers Make it Happen

The Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner would not be possible without the help of more than 3,600 volunteers who take roles in leadership, coordination, cooking, serving, delivering meals, and clean-up. Each year, approximately 500 meals are served at a lovely sit down dinner at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. Candles, flowers, table linens, and hand-made centerpieces from local school children adorn the dining room tables. The remaining meals – more than 9,500, and growing every year -- are prepared at the Empire State Plaza and delivered by volunteers to individuals who live within 40 miles of Albany.

The Equinox Thanksgiving Community Dinner is funded entirely by generous donations from local businesses, civic groups, and private citizens. Cash, food, trucks, tables and chairs, cell phones, serving dishes, linens, aprons, soap, towels, and advertising are matched by the valuable help of our volunteers. All surplus donations are used to assist needy families throughout the year.

Please Join Us! And make this extraordinary community event part of your holiday tradition!

Want to get involved?

The Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner Hotline (518.434.0131) is open from mid-October through Thanksgiving. Please call us during that time if you would like to volunteer; make a monetary, food, or in-kind donation; or request a dinner delivery to your home. You can also communciate with us via email (

All monetary, food, and in-kind donations are tax-deductible.

Information for Equinox Thanksgiving Volunteers

Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteers - Empire State Plaza

Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteers - First Presbyterian Church

Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteers - Drivers

Thank you to our Lead Community Partners!

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