Equinox Partners with Senior Services

Senior Services of Albany has been awarded a $400,000 federal grant from the Office of Violence Against Women to provide "enhanced training and services to end abuse in later life." 

Equinox and other key community partners will work with Senior Services to provide enhanced and expanded services to individuals over the age of 50.

Elder Abuse includes but is not limited to: neglect, exploitation, domestic violence, and date violence or stalking.
Senior Services of Albany will be partnering with Equinox, Inc, as well as the Albany County District Attorney's Office, Albany County Department of Social Services, and City of Albany Police Department.

Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares says "We are aware of the increasing amount of elder abuse and violence that our senior population is facing as the number of elders in our community continues to grow. Every year an estimated 2.1 million older Americans are victims of abuse and neglect and for every reported case of abuse it is estimated that 5 or more cases go unreported."’

As one of the only agencies in the state delivering elder abuse services, Equinox, Inc. has expertise in providing compassionate and respectful services to elders who are victims of abuse or mistreatment.

Services include but are not limited to: safety planning, support and counseling, case management, medical needs assessment, service coordination, advocacy, emergency shelter, and referrals for legal counseling.

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